What Does ‘P err’ Mean on a Hunter X Core Controller?

Xcore controller

If you own a Hunter X Core Control box and see ‘P err’ on your controller then it means nothing will work (or it may come on for a few seconds and then fail) and there are two possible causes.

The first and most common is that the master solenoid coil has developed an electrical problem and is sending a fault message back to the controller. ‘p’ = pump or master valve. We can locate and replace this – problem solved.

The second possibility is that the box is faulty and needs replacing.

You can determine which one it is by removing the wire to the P terminal and running a test cycle. The sprinklers won’t come on, but if its the Master valve then the error message will disappear. If its the controller then it will persist.

Occasionally it might be both… but that’d be unlucky!

If you need help to make sense of it then just call and we can assist.



2 thoughts on “What Does ‘P err’ Mean on a Hunter X Core Controller?

  1. I have p wet code on my hunter x core. I check all of my solenoid 25 ohms. It’s getting power. Redid my wires tightened them up. I can water manually by turning on the solenoid. Is it the controller?

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