The Irritrol Kwikdial Fuse Message

Its that time of year when I get a multitude of calls asking about the fuse message on Irritrol Kiwkdial controllers.

So firstly – if you have spent time looking for the ‘fuse’ then you will be frustrated because there isn’t one.. And the battery symbol with the line thru it doesn’t mean that the battery is dead, because there isn’t a battery either…

Ok – so whoever designed these wasn’t thinking ease of use!

What does the fuse message mean?

a) You have a solenoid coil that is faulty and causing the controller to fail.

b) The controller has a problem and needs replacing.

Usually I can tell by looking at the controller which is the most likely scenario. If your controller is old, outdoors and looking like its been exposed to rain then chances are it will need replacing. If the error is intermittent then its almost certainly the controller and if the screen is flickering just a little then that is another clue that the controller is about to die.

If your controller is in good condition, maybe inside a garage and the display is stable then it may be that one of the solenoids is the problem. We can determine that by removing solenoid wires and testing to see if it fails with various solenoids disconnected.

As a guide, a solenoid is usually around $150-250 to locate and replace while a controller is around $385.00 to replace.



2 thoughts on “The Irritrol Kwikdial Fuse Message

  1. Hello, I live in Clarkson and have a Irritrol Kwickdial, the water pressure seems to be very high, lately I have had several sprinklers tops blow off, also three cases of 19mm pipe splitting.

    My question is, Can I run two or more solenoids off a single output?, I have put two on one outlet and it seems to work ok, will I overload the power source?.

    Putting two stations on at once reduces the water pressure nicely and works good..

  2. Hello, I just see there is a batter sign with a line going through the batter sign. From your message that does not mean there is a battery. The system is not working. The controller seems OK. But it is 18 years old. Is that easy to fix or I have to replace?

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