Rainbird ESP Modular

Summary: This is another top quality control box and one of the more expensive. It is well made, easy to operate and allows for additional expansion modules to be added. Rainbird is a well known brand and known for it’s reliability.

Tech Specs:

  • Multiple programs give you the flexibility to accommodate the diverse watering needs of different plants and those areas of your lawn and garden that get more sun or shade, saving you water and money.
  •  Each program can have multiple start times, allowing you the flexibility to run programs several times a day for shorter lengths of time, helping you maintain a healthier lawn and garden.
  • The modular design makes it easy to expand the controller’s capabilities to 13 stations should the watering needs of your landscape change in the future.
  • The water budget feature allows you to easily increase or decrease watering schedules without reprogramming, so you don’t have to waste time at the controller.
  • Four irrigation cycle modes for maximum flexibility and compliance to all major watering restrictions (Custom 7-day calendar, cyclic 1-31 day interval, and odd/even day calendar).
  • Built in 5-year lithium battery keeps time, date and watering schedules intact during power outages, so relax and enjoy your landscape, worry-free.
  • Superior surge protection — withstands nearly 3 times higher electrical surges than competitive controllers.
  • Rain Bird quality construction and components.
  • Easy programming: Rain Bird’s easy to use Extra Simple Programming style with larger LCD display.
  • Enhanced Diagnostic Feedback™ alerts you to conditions when watering is suspended due to an activated sensor, shorted stations or programming errors with a warning light and text message on the LCD.
  • Permanent Day off allows you to set any day of the week as a non-watering day in any program or schedule, making it easy to comply with watering restrictions or other requirements such as weekly lawn care or maintenance.
  • Global Season Adjust (0-200%) allows you to alter the run time of all the valves in every program with the push of a button.
  • Dedicated sensor terminals allow you to easily connect a rain sensor to the controller for maximum water efficiency.

You can find the manual here.

3 thoughts on “Rainbird ESP Modular

  1. My son has one of the above controllers. We have recently had a new pump installed. We have set up the controller in accordance with the manual and find that sometimes the reticulation comes on and on other occasions it does not. The pump has been checked and is okay, the stop-start switch for the pump has been checked and is okay. the power supply to the controller has been checked and is okay and the transformer in the controller is okay. Would you know what is the problem My phone number is 9447 3038

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