These prices are to supply and install the control box to either an existing powerpoint or to existing electrical wiring. The control box will be tested to ensure it is working and set to the appropriate watering days with a 5.00am start time unless otherwise requested.

Sometimes (rarely) a control box fails because of a fault elsewhere in the system. If upon replacing the control box further work is needed then this would be charged at regular hourly rates of $90 for the first quarter hour and then $22.50/quarter hour after that (plus parts) + GST.

These prices apply to areas north of Perth and east of Ballajura. We may choose to travel further afield but this would be at extra cost for fuel and time.

If you book an appointment with us but are unable to keep it then we need 24hrs notice of cancellation. Otherwise, if we attend your premises then our regular hourly electrical rate of $100+GST will apply whether or not work is done.

All prices include GST

Rainbird ESP-RZX

6 Station $385.00 inc GST supplied and installed

8 Station $415.00 inc GST supplied and installed

Hunter X Core 6 Station : $385.00 supplied and installed

Hunter X Core 8 Station: $415.00 supplied and installed

Toro Lawndial 11 Station $385.00 supplied and installed.

Hydrawise 6 Station  $680.00 inc GST

Hydrawise 12 Station $820.00 inc GST

Rainmaster (Holman) 469 6 Station: $400.00 supplied and installed

Rainmaster (Holman) 469 9 Station: $440.00 supplied and installed

Rainbird ESP Modular 4 Station: $490.00 supplied and installed (Each additional 4 station module is $65.00)

Orbit Plus Controller 6 Station: $520 supplied and installed

Orbit Plus Controller 9 Station: $550 supplied and installed

Orbit Plus Controller 12 Station: $750 supplied and installed

Various other controller prices, both domestic and commercial are available on request.

8 thoughts on “Prices

  1. Hi, I have a Irritrol kwikdial KD6 irrigation controller that is displaying fuse error. When trying to isolate if it is a single solenoid i get fuse error on all stations. When disconnecting the MV i continue to get the same fuse error.
    Is there a way i can check the MV before changing or is it more likely that the Controller has failed?


  2. I there
    I was wondering if you have any knowledge on the following problem.
    My friend has a hunter x-core station ! some of the LCD screen has stopped working ! Is this an easy fix or would you recommend, changing the entire station ?

    Cheers Gem

  3. Have a Hunter controller that is malfunctioning,a new Hunter needs to be installed, there are only 2 stations on this property,front and back,
    My phone: 0417968234 the property is in Hampden st South Perth.
    This is urgent as the garden is suffering, thank you : Terry

  4. Hunter x-core 6 station
    Is it possible to supply a new circuit board?
    Mine went down due to power surge, exactly the same symptoms as your photos show

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