Perth’s Retic Controller Specialist

Have you lost the display on your control box? Have your sprinklers stopped coming on? Or is your controller just old and difficult to operate?

We can help you. New controllers start at $385.00 inc GST fully installed by a licensed electrician

Call 0400044236 or email here to make an appointment for Andrew to come and replace your old controller with one that works well. We can install standard push button controllers or any variety of the newer WiFi enabled smart controllers!

Or you can search through the archives of information on this site to try and find a solution for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Perth’s Retic Controller Specialist

  1. replaced old unit with rainmaster pro 469 mk2 ,its a 9 station only using 6,cant get display to show, transformer and fuse okay 24v ,what should I be looking for in station voltage or solenoid resistance

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