My Hunter X Core Controller Won’t Work on Manual

If you have a Hunter X Core Controller and it doesn’t come on as it should when operating manually the you could have a dodgy switch issue.

Normally to run an individual station you turn the dial anti-clockwise to the ‘run single station’ indicator, then select the station an return the dial to auto-run.

If it doesn’t come on (and you will know its on by the presence of a little sprinkler symbol) then you may need to jiggle the switch a bit and see if you can get it to fire up.

Usually if this is a problem then the dial will not move between the various modes easily. Unfortunately the only solution is to get anew control box as the dial and switches are a complete unit

17 thoughts on “My Hunter X Core Controller Won’t Work on Manual

  1. I’ve had this happen with a Hunter xc. The dial just doesn’t seem to engage properly so I can’t change to any of the different options. It’s out of warranty so I guess I’m up for a new one. Is there any chance of opening up the unit and fixing the problem?

      • I opened the unit up and have found that the switch is actually not a sealed unit. YOu can see how it fails easily – it is a poor design. Relies on a plastic rotating part to hold a metal 2 prong contact maker that slides over various contacts on the circuit board. The rotating part is greased so over time no doubt the grease fouls the contacts. If yours still rotates ok then it will most likely just need opening up and cleaning with some contact cleaner, maybe bend the prongs out a bit. If yours no longer rotates (like mine) then the plastic holder has probably snapped. I’ve asked Hunter if they can supply a new part – waiting on an answer. The unit is very easy to open. Just do not open the 240VAC section unless you are licensed.

  2. I am trying to change my programme from auto to manual on my hunter XC and nothing seems to be happening when I press any of the buttons, we do not have a manual only on the inside of the control box but it does not tell you how to do it.

  3. My Hunter X-Core system does not stop at the end of cycle. It re-starts and continues until turned off manually. How do I get it to stop on completion of cycle?

  4. My Hunter x-core system won’t one touch start (to manually run program), everything works ok (manually run single stations, auto program start], just not manually running program. The dial is set to run, and I press the right arrow button but not responding. Do you know what this could be?


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