Irrittrol Kwikdial

Summary: if you’ve got one of these boxes then chances are you might like a change… It seems that the Kwikdial was the control box of choice for many of Perth’s new estates in the late 90’s early 2000’s. It’s an easy box to use and is pretty solid, but the absence of a battery back up is it’s big failing. If you happen to have a power outage in your suburb then your controller will reset to coming on at 5 am every day for 10 minutes per station. Not ideal when you live in a city with penalties for watering on the wrong days. They are also one of the most expensive boxes to replace and I would suggest considering a Hunter X Core or a Rainmaster instead.

Tech Specs:

  • Three independent programs allow differing water days, start times, station running times and station assignments
  • Automatic, semiautomatic (manual program) and manual station(s) operation
  • Flexible watering day schedules
  • “Program stacking” feature stores programs for sequential operation (prevents program overlap)
  • Programmable “Rain Off” up to seven days
  • Dial and four push buttons for ease of programming
  • Large LCD displays status of programs scheduled to run each day
  • Sensor hookup with sensor by-pass switch
  • Multiple language capabilities (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish)
  • Built-in memory maintains real time and programming information for a minimum of 24 hours in the absence of AC power.
  • Self-diagnostic, electronic circuit breaker identifies and overrides an electrical “short” in a valve or in valve wiring and continues to water operable stations
  • “All-stations” test program
  • Electrical surge protection (on both input and output lines) resists damage from lightning storms and power surges
  • Water budgeting feature for each program (0-200% in 10% increments)
  • Weather-resistant plastic case with internal transformer (outdoor model) and provision on door for a padlock
  • Durable plastic case with plug-in transformer (indoor model)
  • UL and CUL listed

For the manual you can go here.


One thought on “Irrittrol Kwikdial

  1. Hi, we have one of these Kwik Dial units but the control dial knob has broken on the back and can no longer use it to activate the controller. Do you know where we can purchase a new dial/knob?

    thanks in advance

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