Irritrol Kwikdial Reset

If you’ve got one of these then you’d probably know that when the power goes off it resets to start at 5.00am every day of the week for 10 mins/station.

Not very helpful at all…

So if you’re taking off on extended holidays and want to be wise with water then this may not be the controller you choose. A controller with a battery back up that only retains the times set is what you are really after.

We recommend the Hunter X Core as the best value and quality

3 thoughts on “Irritrol Kwikdial Reset

  1. Hi there.

    I’m trying to re do the start time for my neighbours Kwikdial retic controller. We only have one station twinning for his front lawn area only. However this morning (Sunday) his retic went on and stayed on for 90 minutes. I need to get rid of the START TIMES 1,2,3 and just have the one station come on for 10 minutes on Sunday’s and Thursdays.

    If you could point me in the right direction on how to erase the 3 start times that would be much appreciated.


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