Holman 469

Summary: Made by Holman these boxes are easy to use and have a 5 year warranty which is very appealing. Holman honour their warranties with no quibbles, and the box is simple to use, with a 9v battery back up.

Tech Specs:

Designed for residential & light commercial applications the PRO469 has six individual programs to allow for efficient watering of turf and garden areas, on seperate watering programs.

Along with HOLMAN’s RSR™ technology allowing individual stations to be under sensor control, this controller sets a benchmark for automatic watering.

The feature packed PRO469 controller is quite easy to use with simple dial selection and programming sequence including a P button to jump directly to the program you require.

Avoiding endless scrolling through other functions to find what you need.

Rain Sensor Ready™ – This controller is equipped with HOLMAN’s innovative Rain Sensor Ready (RSR™) Technology. The PRO469 bascially interacts with a standard rain sensor to determine if there has been adequate rainfall to suspend automatic watering.

The two key features of RSR™ technology is the individual station selection & the rain sensor delay. Indivudual stations can be assigned to be controlled by the sensor or not. Great for watering undercover areas whilst excluding areas affected by rainfall. The rain sensor delay is a feature that allows you to program a delay time starting from when the sensor indicate it’s wet. This is used when the sensor dries out before watering is required, rather than adjust your sensor, simply enter a delay time that suits your specific landscape requirement.

You can find the manual here.

46 thoughts on “Holman 469

  1. just moved into a house that is 2 yrs old and cannot work tgeur Holman retic even on manual, the displays screen seems to all be lit up what can I check without paying for a retic guy to come out


    • If it is seems to be working then chances are your master valve is faulty. If you know where it is then you could check it.

  2. Hi, I live in the Green, Butler and am on a community bore. I wanted to use the spare stations on my Holman 469 (Easy Pro) for controlling garden lights. For some reason the station times can not be changed. Do you know if these controllers have been limited (ie not fully adjustable like a stock unit) for use on the Green’s community bore? Thanks, Steven

  3. Hi, I was wondering if this contoller would allow me to run 2 seperate stations on 2 different programs with different run times at the same time?

  4. Does the pro469 stop watering if a program is already running and it starts raining? Or does the program just not start if the sensor is wet from resent rain?

  5. Currently on one and half acres rural area, with creek, big pump, small dam that collects half an hour water, three times a day in summer. Using Irritrol Raindial 9 station box. But used to programming big 21 station boxes with six programmes, with “interleaved” programming ie having several programs set for different hours but on the same day. Not possible on the R900. Is the Holman Pro the only unit that’ll give me professional capabilities like the six programme, in a 9 station setup? The other thing is remote control. I priced one for the R900 it was like a thousand dollars. Is one available for the Holman and how much? Finally just wondering how the range (of the remote) and number of programs compares with the new-fangled iPhone unit you recently previewed?

  6. I need a controller with at least six programs and nine stations. Does this one work with any available remote? Any others with six programs, remote capability worth considering? Including the new Android one? Thanks. Semi-rural situation. Small dam, big pump. 1 & 1\2 acres.

    • There is a remote for this one but its pretty poor.

      A commercial Hunter would be the go I’d say with a remote. Can’t recall how many progs the Hyrdawsise has, but I think it is more than 6. It is a very flexible unit.

      If you need the bigger range of functioning then you will prob need a commercial controller

  7. Hi had a Pro 469 mk 6 station fitted for our retic as part of our new house landscape package (front only). This is not enough stations to adequately do the back yard…can you change a 6 to a 9 station without purchasing a new unit? have 7 core cable run separately to the back and front.


  8. Hiya, we are currently living overseas and want to get a quote for you to turn on and check our Holman retic system at our rental property in Highgate.Thanks

  9. I have a Pro 469 which is not responding to changing the dial. We had a power outage last week, when I went to look at it afterwards, the screen was blank (backup battery was out of date). I changed the battery and now the screen is showing the time of Fri 11.32pm (time of power cut – which has not changed), but the unit will not respond to changing the dial to fix the time, show the programmes, etc. Is there a reset I can do?

  10. OLD MANUAL NEEDED: We moved into a 30-yr old house in Duncraig WA which has a Holman Dial Ezy reticulation controller. It works, but it got stuffed up when would-be burglars helpfully fiddled with it (prob thinking it was something to do with security system). Now we are battling to re-set it. Previous owners didn’t leave the instructions. No idea how old it is. All the sticker says is that it is a Holman Dial Ezy. It looks similar but doesn’t look exactly like any we can see on the internet, including on the Holman site. Any pointers to a good site that has backdated manuals?

  11. renting property with existing holman rainmaster pro469. Used it first couple of months and water bill was in $500 range so we’ve had it on all off ever since. But want to use it again once a week as manually watering with hose attached impact sprinklers twice a week in the mornings isn’t keeping our lawn alive during current summer.
    Tried to run a station test and no sprinklers turned on even after waiting 10mins for water build-up.
    Display screen is ok (except missing bar in digit)
    Right/ left arrow button don’t seem to be working.
    Any suggestions on fix?

  12. An electrician set up the retic for me, but for some reason two of the stations come on together which effects the water pressure. There are 3 separate stations and in the first cycle station 1 & 3 come on together, then 2 comes on, and then 3 comes on… not sure if it is something in the setting up of the controls or a gliche in the wiring.

  13. Hi, we have recently purchased a property with this controller installed. We had the same model at our previous property and found it easy to use, but the previous owner of this one has set the default run time for the manual single station/system test to 12 hours. I’ve followed the instructions in the manual to reset the default to something more reasonable (pushing the ‘p’ button, changing the time, pushing the ‘p’ button again), but it always reverts back to 12 hours. We have no other programming issues with the controller, so I am stumped! Thanks in advance for any clue as to what I am doing wrong!

    • Haha – I have never figured out why they do that either! I have encountered the same problem but with no success

  14. Hello. I have a Holman 469 and I’ve noticed my pump light is flashing when a station is running, I don’t think I’ve noticed this before. Everything seems to work working fine. Is this a problem or nothing to worry about?

  15. I have a pro469 and had an electrician here the other day. The screen now says loop delay and nothing seems to work. The dial and no buttons… I’ve cut the power reset it, no change. Suggestions?

      • I have an exactly same problem as Gary. Loop delay is on and it keeps on loopinng. It counts down from 54 mins then reset to 99 and keeps on counting again and again. Thinking of stop using Rainmaster altogether. This is my 2nd Rainmaster unit and just only 2 years old.

  16. Hi. I have a Holman Pro 469. My sprinklers have stopped working. The screen looks right, when I do a station test or program run I hear the solonoid ‘click’ and it counts down – but no water comes out of any of the sprinklers. No stations work. My water is on. I’ve turned the fawcett near the solonoids so that it not’s fully on or off.
    Pump is displaying on screen when running a progam.
    Do you have any idea what might be the problem please?

    • Hi Denise – sounds like a master valve or broken wire issue. I can probably fix it this week if you need me too

  17. Hi I have a Rainmaster 469 mk2 and after about a week the clock starts losing time.
    I have 2 programs set, one to come on at 6am on my watering days and one at 7pm for my grassed areas.
    Today after only about 2 weeks of setting the clock it is 90mins out.
    The first station came on just after 7.30am.
    Anyone got any ideas?
    -No power failures in the last few months.

  18. Morning
    I have a holman pro 469 and at the moment no stations are running when the pump comes on. When i turn master solenoid to manual only 3 out of the 7 secondary solenoids come on but the ones that dont come on still count down as usual just don’t issue any water. I have just replaced the master solenoid and still the same. Do you have any ideas as to why some stations work fine and others not?
    Thanks in advance
    System is about 7 years old and controller replaced 3 years ago
    Also is there an easy way to locate solenoids as i am missing 4 or do you have to dig along the lines to find them
    Cheers dave

    • Sounds like a master valve coil is problem 1 and then a broken common wire would be the reason the remaining solenoids aren’t working.

  19. PRO 469 MK2
    Power to Master Solenoid all the time, even when selected to off? If this is a PCB problem can I purchase a new PCB or must it be totally replaced?

  20. I have the Rain Master Pro 469 it’s about 8 years old. Just recently the stations have started to repeat again rather than just turn off at the end of station 4. I have tried to reset the stations but this hasn’t worked. Any suggestions please?

  21. Our Holman PRO 469 worked fine with 2 separate days running (Tues/Fri), 2 programs with 5 stations. We now have had an issue and the odd/even selection has come on and I reckon the individual day selection. Can you delete these somehow as I’ve tried with no success. We have put it on the manual program to run the days we want to try and fix and if we leave the manual program on the next day the sprinklers come on. We can’ work out what’s happening.

  22. Hey mate we have the Pro 469 controller and it has stopped working the screen isn’t on at all. Changed the backup battery and still nothing any ideas. Might need to replace unit ah?

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