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  1. Hi there, I tried your email direct but it bounced back saying it didn’t exist.

    I wish you worked in Melbourne…

    I have been googling problems with my x-core. Bought @ end 2011, installed by landscaper. Worked well up until mid this year. Turned off at the powerpoint for couple of months b/c a) winter and b) had to re-install rainwater tanks 7 pumps (connected to system).

    Since then, turned back on, have experienced 2 problems. Alas it’s out of warranty and can’t find the landscaper who installed it either:

    1)The system suddenly decided to turn ON when in the OFF position. ( your blog post reporting this problem below in blue)
    I’ve had this happen once before. The controller sends current through the terminals even in the off position. On a previous job I installed 3 Hunter controllers on a unit complex in Balga only to discover all 3 were constantly sending current through the terminals meaning valves were staying open.

    2)NOW, the LED screen won’t stay lit up at all, it just fades away and looks like its brain is fried with random bits of numbers letters trying to show. The powerpoint works (checked with another appliance and in fact recently installed new power points to go with water pumps) Replaced the little battery inside unit b/c thought it might run the LED screen and perhaps have died when system had been turned off at the powerpoint for several months. Alas makes no difference.

    Do you think it’s fixable? Or should I be getting a new one? Or something else entirely different. Need 3 stations definitely with option for 2 more stations.

    Of course, it’s Christmas too…..



  2. Our retic system has stopped working. I believe its because water got in the control box during a storm when someone left it open. We have 6 stations coming off it and we currently have an xcore hunter.
    Can i please have a quote for it to be fixed or replaced. Thanks

    (Your contact email isnt working)

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