Choosing a Control Box

So how do you choose a control box?

  • Ease of use – This will vary from person to person, and most boxes have similar features, but any control box should be reasonably intuitive and simple to program.
  • Features – A battery back up is essential and for this reason we don’t list the Irritrol Kwikdial, which automatically resets itself after a power outage to 5.00am every day of the week. The Hunter X Core has provision for a remote control which can be very useful especially on bigger properties and also a lithium battery which can last up to 10 years. If the controller is WiFi enabled then no battery is necessary!
  • Warranty – minimum of 12 months up to 5 years. Holman controllers have 5 year warranties, Hunter and Rainbird 2 years. That said I have returned more Holmans than Hunters or Rainbirds
  • Cost – make sure you get value for money. Unless its a cheapo box then most brand names should offer good value. Some controllers are prone to display flickering or sticky dials and its good to know what the potential problems could be.

5 thoughts on “Choosing a Control Box

  1. Hi, we have a rainbird 6 station, it is faulty and still under warranty, bought from total eden in joondalup. This is the second box we have, the first one was also faulty and they repla c ed it. The problem is that the wiring from each station is getting hard to work with becos it has been removed so many times, its hard to put the wires back into each station Is this something you can have a look at. And at what cost please. Tks

  2. Can you please tell me how much for a 12 station irritol raindial controller,
    is to just buy.

    Regards Caroline Ozolins

  3. Can the dial be replaced or repaired on a Hunter X-Core 8 station sprinkler controller?
    How do you disassemble the top half of the controller to inspect the dial?

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